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Frontend Developer

We are looking for an experienced and talented software engineer to join our team. Joining us you will be part of a small and tight team that will develop our service from scratch. The team will work closely with our partners who will help us launch the service in developing countries around the world.


You have spent a couple of years as a developer. This means you have insights in what it means to develop something from scratch but also what is important when maintaining once live.

Your main interests lie in developing the frontend side of applications. Our development team currently consists of only a few developers and you will come in as the second one working on the frontend side of the application. This means you will be able to dig deeper into some of the frontend challenges we are facing but as the team is small you will need to be familiar with the whole stack as well as devops and cover up for your team members if needed.

You know the stakeholder or user is not always right but understand that they usually have a good reason for asking for something and you enjoy working with domain experts to achieve the best product possible. You think having a poster in the office saying THINK IT. BUILD IT. SHIP IT. BREAK IT is corny but the phrase makes sense.

We write small, coherent services so using the right tool for different tasks allows for a broad palette of languages and frameworks. Right now we write the backend in Java and exploring different alternatives on the frontend.

Finally you are probably reading this ad because you are wondering if your exceptional skills could come in handy to improve people's everyday lives, and we don't mean making the loading time of their favourite app load 1 millisecond faster, no we mean real social impact - giving them the tools to fight corruption and bring development and prosperity to their community. That is what we were wondering about before joining Klarity.


Location: Norrsken House.

Employment: Full-time.

Questions? Email us at careers@klarity.org.

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Norrsken House, Stockholm

Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
113 56 Stockholm Directions info@klarity.org

Values guiding us

We have five principal values that guide us in our everyday work lives. We believe that working alongside these values we create a dynamic, inspiring and fun workplace. We expect everyone joining the team and working with us to embrace these values. Our values are: